An 1/8 (.125) of an inch is the minimum required, but we always recommend you to use a 1/4 inch (.25) for better results.

 Here is an example of the correct way to submit your files:

 Please keep your text and images inside an 1/8 inch!

This sample below will show you how the same file can be submitted incorrectly.
Please notice, the file was designed with all of the text and graphics right up to the corner edge.
In the end result, the cutting of logos, text, and graphics will occur.

Please also keep this in mind: 

Due to GangRun printing, any flyer or postcard you get from needs to be cut out of a RUN large sheet.
This means that a 4 x 6 Postcard will have to be trimmed down a bit when cut. The end result will be a postcard which is about

3.875 x 5.875 inches. This will apply to all of our sizes except Business Cards cards which actually cut to size at 3.5x2 inches.